Moving Tips

Confirm the moving details (truck, movers, etc.) one more time and verify all paperwork.
Make an action plan for the day of the move (a complete schedule).
If you rented a truck plan for how you are going to pick it up, who is going to drive, etc.
Prepare for the moving expenses (food, lodging, moving, etc.). Make sure you have enough cash to cover the move.
Continue cleaning the house as you pack more of your belongings (clean as you go).
You need to defrost and clean the refrigerator.
Make sure your toolbox is handy (screwdriver, wrench, tape, pliers, etc.).
Pack of bag of snacks and water bottles to make sure you have ample supply on moving day.
Make sure you keep the boxes you are moving yourself separate along with other valuables.
Remove bedding and take the beds apart.
Make sure you go early to pick up the truck if you rented one.
When the movers arrive walk them through the house and tell them exactly what you want them to do.
Once the old home is empty do a walk through just to make sure everything is gone.
Write a note for the new residents leaving your forwarding address and other contact information.
Take inventory before the movers leave and sign the bill of lading.
Double check to make sure the movers have the correct new address.
Lock the windows and doors and turn off the lights at the old place.
At the new home verify that all utilities are on and working properly.
Perform an initial inspection of the new home and note any damages or problems
Does a quick cleaning while the place is empty clean the floors, counters, cabinets, etc?
Direct the movers to place everything where you want them.
Assemble beds and bedding.
Begin unpacking.

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